Foxhole prayer.

It took me years of questioning, skepticism, cynicism and disinterest over religion and G-O-D for me to even start to develop a relationship with Her. Yes, She is my OMG. She isn’t really a she or an it or a he, but everything in total. She is brutal, loving reality.

Now I have a prayer as a way to communicate with Her while meditating or when I’m stressed. I’m slowly learning it by heart. My teacher Philip Urso made this up specifically for yoga teachers but it would work for anyone. Read this 4-part prayer here, and read it from it’s source here:

1. I do not know the thing I am, where I am, or how to look upon myself or the world.

2. I have valued _______ more than my relationship to you. (Take inventory of your desires)

3. I tried to make these my God. I thought these things would bring me true safety and love. I was mistaken. I would place nothing between us.

4. I wait for inspiration in the quiet. I know I need do nothing myself. I am free of rehashing and rehearsing my life. If there are words to say I will speak. If there is action to take I will act.

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